Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The 1st " Faerie -Nuff Challenge " ... Pixies

Hi Everyone,

Now that I have my crafting blog set up I am able to start joining in with some of the challenges that people set.

I'm only dipping my toe into the water at the moment. I may not have time to do this much at the moment, but I have had a go at Minky's (of Minky Things) first "Faerie-Nuf Challenge" - Pixies.

I decided to do a layout, using the challenge kit that Minky provided, cutting away the arch over the bridge. 

For the background I incorporated a lovely aurora photo from Flickr.com (Deivis CC by SA).

It was made in Craft Artist. 

If I have a bit more time later this week I shall have another play around and see what comes up.



Friday, 24 June 2011

Another First - Created My Very Own Slideshow!

Hi Everyone,

If anyone would have told me that I would be doing the things I'm doing now, even just two or three years ago, I would have said they were kidding.

I never expected, when I moved over to digital crafting, that I would learn so many new things.

But today, I am as chuffed as can be, pleased as punch, because I have created my very own slideshow to accompany my video tutorial "Word Art Frames" for Serif Craft Artist.

So, a couple of weeks ago I did my first tutorial video, and now this. It is really very nice, learning new skills.

I have to thank Iris of Trulytango Scraps for her excellent tutorials on how to create your own animated scrapbooks.

Within a 24 hour period I have collated, and added to, the pages I wanted to use, worked through her tutorials and uploaded the finished article. Iris, you rock!

This slideshow contains the pages that I used to demonstrate the word art frames, and also includes pages made by some of the Daisy Trail folk who gave my tutorial a go.

Thanks, ladies, for doing so, and thank you for letting me include them here.

Should you wish to have a closer, static view of these pages, just click on the thumbnails below and you should be taken to the personal DT Gallery of each artist.

Shadow Lady

Silver Dragon



Additional Pages By Me 
(all 3 new ones come up on the DT page)

And now I think I shall settle down to playing with a new freebie kit by yet another generous Daisy Trailer, Etani. If you have DSA or Craft Artist, you can find her "Just for You" kit on her blog, Misty's Design

And if you don't have Craft Artist, you can always download the free Craft Artist Compact and see what you think of the programme. (And no, I don't get any payback for recommending it. ). Although limited in its applications, it does allow you to use the free kits created in DSA2 or Craft Artist.



Thursday, 23 June 2011

"Healing the Heart" Page

Hi Everyone,

I have been having a play around with Craft Artist making up a page for a friend who is having heart trouble at the moment.

I decided I would like to make a slightly different version of a "Get Well Soon" card / page; in effect a mixing of work and play.

Being an energy health practitioner, and knowing that we can send Distant Healing with Reiki, it occurred to me that perhaps I could come up with a piece of work that could act as a focus of healing intention. For more on this you might like to visit the companion blog entry on my EFT, Reiki and All Kinds of Everything blog.

As the issue was heart-related I thought about a page centring on the Heart Chakra, taking the colours associated  with it as my starting point. Pinks and greens. 

I have a photo of a gorgeous rose from my back garden. We may not be very happy with the weather over the past few months but it seems to have resulted in some super-duper roses, easily the biggest flowers I've ever seen on it. Alas, I have no idea what the name of this rose is, as it was already in situ when we moved here 15 years ago.

I decided this would make a beautiful focal point. Still on a pink and green theme, I considered suitable crystals, and watermelon tourmaline came straight to mind. I have used a selection of watermelon tourmaline images from the internet.

The heart chakra image is from Wikimedia Commons (CC by SA Mirzolot2).  The selenite information came from Brenna Coleman, www.Suite101.com.

I made background pages from the rose photo, using the plasma fill to get a pale green and pink effect to overlay the multiple rose background, made with help from Melinda's video tutorial "Create Fun Patterns in DSA",

I made some brushes from the watermelon tourmaline crystals, using one made with the slice to edge the image of the selenite heart from my personal crystal collection, and the heart frame around the rose.  

It was very interesting because all the while I worked on this project, a good few hours, I could feel energy working through me.

The intent as I worked was certainly for it to be a calm and meditative page to contemplate, in addition to all the other, more conventional things being done to help.

It certainly seemed to be received well. 

If nothing else, it was certainly a novel way of considering how best to design this piece. So is it a healing piece of art, or just a pretty page I put together? Who knows, but perhaps others might like to spend some time contemplating it and seeing if it brings a little more peace and harmony into their lives....

If you do and feel it does have a certain energy to it, I'd love to hear your feedback.



Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Word Art Frames Tutorial for Serif Craft Artist/DSA2

Hello Everyone,

As I said in my last post, I have come up with a tutorial for creating word art frames in Serif Craft Artist. The idea came about after I watched Barbara Gray of Clarity Stamps demonstrating some stamps she had produced that made a feature of the O as a frame. I thought it would be interesting to see if I could come up with something similar for digital crafting.

This is the first time I have ever done a tutorial like this and I had a bit of fun making it, as it involved using some different programmes. To think that relatively recently I used to say that I was still a quill and parchment person - now I am playing with various IT tools; although they have to be simple to use.

Anyway, it seems to have worked OK, using BB FlashBack Express to record the screen moves. Cheap and cheerful, that's me.  Although I have to say, it took quite a few run-throughs before I felt happy with the end result, but I think it was worth the effort and an interesting learning experience..

I have also produced a pdf version of the tutorial as I know that I tend to watch video tutorials through once, and then go through again as many times as it takes to jot down notes. So I thought I'd do that for you.

If anyone finds any problems, please do let me know.

These are the pages that I have used this technique on. Some are shown in the video; a couple of others were made a little while ago, before I decided to make the tutorial.

I do hope you enjoy the video and the pdf tutorial and find it useful. I'd be interested in any feedback so that future ventures can be tweaked if needs be.

Other tutorials for DSA2 and Craft Artist can be found on the Serif You Tube Channel, and also on the Daisytrail website here.



It was brought to my attention that you have to sign up to ScribD before you can download the pdf. As I know not everybody likes to have to sign up to different sites , I have made an edit to the pdf download page so it now downloads directly.

Monday, 13 June 2011

First Foray Into my "Crafting Nook"

Hello Everyone,

I have finally managed to get around to setting up my "play" blog, having learned something of how to do things with my "work" blog, EFT, Reiki and All Kinds of Everything. If you are into personal development and self-help you might like to pay a visit.

This is going to be my "fun" place to hang out. I decided to call this blog Karen's Crafting Nook because I like the word "nook". There are a number of definitions for this word. 

Nook \Nook\ (n[oo^]k; 277), n. [OE. nok; cf. Gael. & Ir. niuc.]
A narrow place formed by an angle in bodies or between bodies; a corner; a recess; a secluded retreat. [1913 Webster]

All of the following could be applicable at times - asylum, bolt-hole, cubbyhole, den, hideaway, hideout, hidey hole, refuge, retreat, and sanctuary.

So this is the place I can come to when I want to share the results of my crafting endeavours.

As time goes by and I get a little more adventurous, and find the time, it has to be said, I'm hoping to start making up some little digital freebies, and upload some tutorials.

I have one ready to go already, which I'll be posting shortly.

I love to get involved in what I call "messy crafting", playing with inks and stamps. Some of my favourite stamps are those from Stampscapes.com, mixed and matched with others as below.

I like playing with the Cuttlebug as well, when I can find time, but in recent months the plaything of choice has been firstly Serif's Digital Scrapbook Artist 2 (DSA2), and more recently the upgrade to Craft Artist Platinum, for card making and scrapbook pages.

I've always been one of those people for whom scrapbooking was a mystery - what was it really all about? But once I got this programme, I rather got sucked intp producing some scrapbook pages of my own, especially when you see the lovely work produced and uploaded onto the gallery pages of Daisytrail (the site associated with DSA2/Carft Artist) and ScrapBookFlair (SBF), amongst others. My page on SBF is under the name of KattyLew.

A couple of pages I made with Craft Artist. The first one used the "Poet's Keepsakes" kit by Lorie Davison.

This second one is of our eldest cat.

The tutorial I hope to post is one for the use of Craft Artist. I have also recently treated myself to the Artrage 3 Studio package and although I've only had the chance to look at that briefly, it looks great fun to play with as well.

The results will quite likely appear here.

I'll be adding extra bits and pieces to the blog - favourite websites and blogs I like, so I hope you will pop by, sign up as a Follower, or better still, subscribe by RSS Feed or email, and see what I get up to as time goes by. And please feel free to leave comments - it's always nice to hear from people with a shared interest.