Thursday, 21 July 2011

Harley Is Still Looking for a Home... and a Slide-Show

Hi Everyone,

It looks as if Harley is still on the lookout for a long term home.

It seems that one of the things that might be against him is the fact that he is a black cat. Often black cats are considered unlucky, although personally I've always liked having a black cat around.

Perhaps they don't look so glamorous and cute as other coloured cats. Pye certainly looks funny when he tries to do cute; he is much more successful than his predecessor Tasha, but I like more than cuteness in my cats. I like character.

I have got around to putting together a scrap-page slide-show of the entries for the Harley's Angels challenge set up by Oreosmeow (Scraps by Oreo's Meow)  to continue highlighting Harley's need for a good home.

I really quite enjoyed putting this together in Photo Story 3, and am once again grateful to Iris, Trulytango on the Daisy Trail Forum for showing us how to make these in her Slideshow Enthusiasts Group

I do hope that someone, somewhere will consider taking on this little fellow. From what I've heard, he does indeed seem to be a Cat of Character and certainly deserves a chance of a good home and bringing joy to the family who takes him in. 



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