Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Farewell, Silver Dragon.....

Hi Everyone,

Just as I was closing down last night I came across a message from a mutual friend with the very sad news that our Daisy Trail Friend, Marian (Silver Dragon) had died on Sunday evening.

I never actally got around to meeting Marian. She lived up in the north east, not far from Durham, the photo of which often appreared in her pages, as you can see from one of the ones she made using my Word Art Frame tutorial. The other pages she made were of her beloved feline companion, Phoebe, and Scotland, which she also loved.

Our friendship isn't really of that long-standing, but very quickly became a firm one. We started "chatting" when I asked her about a swirl technique she had used on one of her pages - only back in February of this year. 

She noted that I had put my tagline up as this being my half-century year. "I see you are at your half century. I will reach my seven score year and ten in October, can't wait to put that as my punch line."

I replied, "I hope you mean you reach your 3 score year and ten, in October, otherwise you are doing very well for 149."

To which the response was, "Whoops, put that down to senility May look 149 at times feel about 20 and sometimes act like 5 year old."

Alas, she was never able to get around to putting that tagline up.

Despite the 20 years age difference we shared a lot of interests; predominantly a love for our cats; our love of the north country; and we both liked fantasy books, especially the works of Anne McCaffrey (Dragons of Pern series) and Mercedes Lackey; and of course the crafting. Marian loved any pages that had dragons or unicorns on them.

We "chatted" very regularly, almost every week, keeping each other updated with the goings-on in our lives; the antics of our kitties and sharing tips and hints about the use of Craft Artist. Marian loved to have a go at the challenges on Daisy Trail. When my birthday did arrive I was totally surprised and very appreciative of the page she made for me.

As she said to me, she hoped it reminded me of Pern and the fire lizards.

Marian was very supportive and always commented on my pages (and lots of others too) and encouraged me to produce my Word Art frame tutorials. She was also extremely caring when our Selene died. She was a truly lovely lady.

She last wrote to me  on the 13th July as we sorted out a font download problem between us and she seemed fine then - she was in the process of making a hands-on steampunk card for a friend. Marian's last scrap page was posted on the 19th July. It was only after I next wrote to her on the 25th apologizing for not getting back sooner when I noticed she had changed her tagline to read that she was ill and unable to comment.

After a couple of weeks without hearing from her I became concerned, along with another friend. We were able to contact someone who knew Marian and learned that she had been taken into hospital and was having tests done. 

The last I heard was that Marian was doing a little better and hoped to be home soon to await further test results. I sent her a Get Well card that should have got there last weekend. I do so hope it managed to get to her in hospital so she knew I was thinking about her!

And then, last night, such sad news......

With much regret and great sorrow I pass my condolences and sympathy on to Marian's family and any others who knew her and hope that Phoebe doesn't pine.

Blessings, Marian, Silver Dragon, as you soar free, making the Great Journey. Thank you for your friendship. It meant a lot to me. You are very missed.

And whenever I see, or read, a Dragons of Pern novel, I will remember you with affection. 

Credits - BG - www.hubble.org; coloured dragon http://getfreeimages.tripod.com/; candle is a Flickr image (spcbrass - CC by 2.0); silver dragon - DT Myths and Legends kit; Phoebe and Durham Cathedral from Marian's profile.




Algera said...

Dear Karen,

this is the most Beautiful tribute and brought tears to my eyes. So moving and written with care and such heart felt feelings. Silver Dragon made me feel so welcome here when I began scrapping at DT and as you said, she was extremely kind and helpful. May God and the Angels be looking after her now.

Love and best wishes to you for the loss of a friend and all her friends and family too xx

Karen Lewis said...

Thank you Algera. This is the kind of post no-one ever wants to have to make.

Until I got caught up in DSA2 and then Craft Artist, and joined Daisy Trail I could never quite get my head around this scrapbooking business.

Now, at sad times of loss, I find great comfort in putting together a page or more in memory or tribute. I also find putting my thoughts and feelings into words helps to release the emotional impact.

Marian always tried to make newcomers welcome pass comment on their pages. She would always share what knowledge she had willingly and with great good humour.

I regret I didn't know her longer and we didn't have the opportunity to meet, but am so pleased to have known her for the time I did.

Many thanks,

Karen xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Karen,
I know exactly how you feel but you have but into the proper words that just fail me. I remember Marian mentioned the font thing that went on between you. It is just so sad and hard to get ones head around. She will be really missed, such a lovely lady.

Karen Lewis said...

Yes, Betty, I think we shall both miss Marian very much; her kind comments and her always cheerful, chatty missives. She nailed the font thing in the end, you know. :-)

Blessings and hugs,

Karen xxx