Sunday, 28 August 2011

"Just Pink" - the September Faerie-Nuf Challenge

Hi Everyone,

Minky of Minky Things has set us another little challenge with a delightful pink mini-kit. You can go and read about the challenge here and download the mini-kit from here.

The idea is to make up a layout, card, quick-page or whatever with this kit, and before the 17th September, send a copy (and a link if it's on your blog) to Minky and in return you will receive a lovely looking kit called "Just Pink".

The kit that I received from the last challenge was fantastic - all I need is a bit of spare time to play around with it and come up with some pages. Soon, perhaps, she promises herself. 

This is what I have come up with this time.

Made with Craft Artist, the lower one was actually my first attempt, using the floral sheaf embellishment provided in the kit four times to make the central frame, and extracting the bow for the corner embellishments. I used the same floral sheaf to make a brush, which I used around the edges.

When I added the word art sentiment, hearts came to mind, so I copied the existing page and then removed the frame, added a heart quickshape, edged with the same brush. I popped a slightly larger bow to the bottom of the heart. 

Using "Convert to Curves" in the Tools bar I found I could split the spangly scatter and spotted the component parts around randomly.

Personally I prefer the heart one - it is slightly more delicate. The colours in this little kit are beautiful and there are seven more elements that I didn't get to use.

If you like fairies and fantasy, Minky has some lovely kits. There is still plenty of time to have a go at her little challenge. I'd love to see what others come up with.



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Anonymous said...

lovely page ,I'm just doing mine :)