Saturday, 6 August 2011

XP to Win 7, and Hoorah, Harley has finally found a home!

Hi Everyone,

I think I'm finally back up and running having moved everything (well, actually  I'm sure I've missed some things.... ) over from Win XP to Win 7 during this last week. 

Still, all the important programmes and files/folders are in situ, and hopefully all working the way they should. I'll doubtless find some things here and there that I will need to re-download, but I'm happy to do that on an ad hoc basis.

It took 5 days to do it - I didn't realise I had so much on there. Still it has been an opportunity to streamline things, and get rid of stuff that I never, or only rarely use. Which means more space free for crafting stuff!

It's a bit odd navigating around a new OS, and I've also moved on from Office 2003 to Office 2007, so more unfamiliar things to get used to.  

It is a little frustrating at times as I go to do things the old way, and then have to stop and think and experiment, but I am sure it will soon become second nature. In the meantime, I have a very effective way of dealing with the sense of frustration and irritation that may arise.

Photo by Oreosmeow -

As a result of not wandering over the Internet as is my daily wont, it was only on Friday that I learned that Harley the cat has finally found a home. Oreosmeow had posted a page on ScrapBook Flair with the details and I was delighted at this result.

I do so hope that this will be a permanent, happy home for Harley, and he gets at least the same amount of love and attention that our Lord and Lady of the house receive. Which means lots!



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