Friday, 23 September 2011

Celebrating the Autumn Equinox

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since the last post as we have been in Scotland on holiday the last two weeks, so getting ready for that, and the OH having a leg problem in the runup which needed a lot of TLC meant there has been no spare time to craft.

Now I've finally caught up with the washing and ironing and begun to get back into the old routine I've found some time to make up a page.

I could have done two in the time it took me to do this one - because I had to start pretty much from scratch - making brushes and all - as I managed to lose all my work because I was too involved to remember to save.

When the Craft Artist programme stopped responding, instead of just leaving it to tick over and sort itself out I tried to do it myself. All would have been well, except I hit the wrong button when the unsaved work was flagged up. So there we were, the best part of a couple of hours work gone - just like that!

I took it very well, actually. There was some intense muttering about what a twerp I was, and why oh why does this only happen on those occasions you forget to save, and never on those ones when you have only lost a few moments, but at least I knew exactly what I needed to do, and I already had the pngs for the brushmaking second time around.

So here we are, the finished article - finally.

This is one of my favourite times of the year - and I do need to stop and take stock of things and count my blessings.

I used  Autumn kits from Minky's blog and enjoyed making some brushes from the leaf embellishments - first time around at least

Moral - always, always remember to save frequently. And to put brain in gear before fingers do the walking.....



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Anonymous said...

Two Gorgeous pages Karen xx