Monday, 31 October 2011

The Meaning of Halloween For Me

Hi Everyone,

Today is Halloween, or Samhain (pronounced Sow-en) in the Pagan calendar. For the last couple of weeks lots of scrapbook pages with a Halloween theme have been appearing on SBF and Daisytrail.

Most have taken the modern viewpoint to this festival and ranged from cute to quite creatively scary, but I decided to create a double page that summed up the meaning of this sacred time for me.

Images - CCbySA HM Hedge Witch (Castlerigg Stone Circle); CCby H.Zell (Hazel images); CCby2.0 spcbrass (candle); (Moon); Apples off the 'net; Chrysanthemum yellow - my photo.

In pre-Christian days this was the time of commemoration of the beloved dead, as the Wheel of the Year turned towards winter.  

You can learn a little more about this festival here and here.   The Celtic Connection site has lots of interesting information if you wish to investigate the Old Ways further.

For me, the candle still burns on my altar tonight, along with the Frankincense, and will be lit each night until the 7th November, in remembrance not only of my late beloved father, but all the other loved ones, human and animal, who have gone before on the Great Journey, including those most recently, Selene and Marian.

I ask the blessings of the Goddess and the God upon each and everyone of us and look forward to the next great festival, that of the Winter Solstice or Yule.


Sunday, 9 October 2011

Guess My Name?

Hi Everyone,

I actually managed to find some time to make a couple of pages up yesterday - yay.

One of the Daisy Trailers has produced her very first freebie kit, as well as starting blogging for the first time. Well done you, Ifagan! The kit is lovely and I have used some of the elements in my two pages.

The kit is in a format that can be used by anyone, not just in DSA2 or Craft Artist and you can find details at Ifagan's blog, Lotharin Creations.

A Congratulations and Thank you page

This first page was made using some of the lovely elements in the kit. If you like horses there are five to choose from, plus trees and foliage, the flying critters, some flowers and, of course, the well. Frames and background papers are also included.

Guess My Name?
I made this page for fun based on a comment my hubby made earlier in the day.

Recently we seem to have acquired a part-time cat. He belongs to a nearby neighbour but spends a lot of time on our shed roof, and when the doors are open he will happily saunter in, and demand cream, although when you go near him he hisses like a steam engine! 

It is a bit embarrassing when he goes and sits himself on the front window ledge. One day his real owners are going to go by and spot him, although we have told them if they need to find him, check with us first.

My husband was watching him sit on the shed roof and idly wondered if we could think of anywhere that sold very large cups. ????? was my first thoughts, and then the penny dropped. The clue to PTC's  (Part Time Cat) name is on the page. Please do leave a comment if you think you know what it is.

Kits used - parts of Ifagan's new kit; parts of Digi Crea's Lonely Moment; kitty photo mine, and the crockery is from the net -

On Friday I am looking forward to meeting up with some scrapbooking friends from Daisy Trail and ScrapBookFlair. I have already met with one of them a few times as she lives just a few minutes from where I work. It's going to be really nice to meet the other ladies behind the forum names and pages. Hopefully a good time will be had by one and all!