Thursday, 17 November 2011

Accession Day - 17th November 1588

Hi Everyone,

I have had a great love of history since before I was 10 years old. When I reached 10, I was allowed, with my parent's permission,  to roam free in the Adult section of the local library, and the historical novels and the Historical Non-Fiction sections took a weekly pounding from there-on-in.

My main period of interest is the late 15th century; the Wars of the Roses and the last Plantagenets. However, I have also had a longstanding interest in the period of 1509 to 1603, with the wives of Henry VIII, and his children. 

After my favourite English sovereign, Richard III, the next one has to be Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen, Gloriana.

Today, 17th November, marks the 453rd anniversary of Elizabeth's accession to the throne of England. 

Daughter of Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn, who he had executed in 1536, Elizabeth had a very strained and dangerous childhood.

She survived being a prisoner of her half-sister, Queen Mary I (Bloody Mary) in the Tower of London, where her own mother, her stepmother Katherine Howard, and her cousin Lady Jane Grey, met their deaths.

On the death of Mary, the 25 year old Elizabeth was now Queen of England, and remained in that role until her death on the 24th March, 1603.

This page was made to commemorate that occasion, which I understand continued to be celebrated as a public holiday for many decades after her death, possibly even as late as the reign of Queen Anne, the last of the Stuart sovereigns who reigned between 1702 and 1714.

Created with Serif Craft Artist Professional, the main images on this page came from the Wikipedia entry for Elizabeth I, including the background image of Hatfield House, Elizabeth's main residence as princess.  The Tower of London image also came from a Wiki entry. The Tudor Rose brush was made with an image (CC by SA 3.0) from Sodacan from the Wikimedia site, and the Royal Arms of Elizabeth also came courtesy of Sodacan.



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