Friday, 11 November 2011

Meditative Page for 11/11/11

Hi Everyone,

Today is Armistice/Remembrance Day, and at 11 o'clock I spent a few minutes in silent contemplation in respect for those who lost their lives in the fights for freedom down the years.

As well as this day being Armistice/Remembrance Day,  in some quarters today, 11/11/11, is a special day at an energetic level, especially at 11 minutes and 11 seconds past the hour of 11 am. 11/11/11/11/11.

After posting the page - Time to Remember.... I listened to a meditation that came to me in a newsletter yesterday. This page came to me out of a that meditation.

11/11/11 Meditation Page

If you want more details about the meditation then please pop over to my other blog for the post. Some may consider it all a load of nonsense, but I am open-minded about it

It seems to me though, that spending some time in meditative reflection on the hope that Universal Love, Light and Peace may be really becoming a world reality isn't a bad thing to be doing, or a waste of my time. 

I do believe that what we send out into the world returns to us, magnified over, and I'd much rather be getting positive things back, rather than dwelling in a state of fear on all the negatives.

And see, it got the creative juices flowing as well. Wonderful bonus!  

Created in Craft Artist, I used images from Crab nebula and  2 copies of Comet 73P-Schwassmann-Wachmann blended all together for the background; the Earth image was from Wikimedia; and the Amethyst geode cave I found at

I used a Glass effect on the heart and the man image and various Glow effects on the "energy rings" and the heart. The wings were made from the Fractal Wings brushes by flashtuchka.  



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