Friday, 20 January 2012

My friends have been busy with more freebies...

Hi Everyone,

There was me saying just the other day to some people that I've done so well this winter by not getting a cold, and the very next day I go down with a throat lurgy!

I thought I was doing well and had got rid of it after 48 hours, but a few days later it came back and bit me again, so now I have a very tiny voice and the cough makes me sound like a dog barking. Free Basic Smileys

Still, I have had some fun things to do to take my mind off it all. Two of my digicrafting friends have been busy on their second freebie kits.

Sandie's is a beautiful one for all those interested in their family heritage, who would like to plot their family trees and decorate their family history pages.  You can get her freebie Family Tree Mini Kit from her blog.

Created with Serif Craft Artist using Sandie's Family Tree Kit

It has some lovely embellishments (28) and papers (8) in it. It was great fun to use.

I was delighted to find a small photo album a few days ago that had been put "safely" away many months ago. Heaven only knows why I put it in the drawer I found it in - I have been looking for it for ages because it has some very special photos of particular importance to me.

As is often the case in this sort of thing it was a happy happenstance that it came to light. Earlier in the week I had been watching recordings of the delightfully enthusiastic Sheena Douglass on Create and Craft demonstrating the Luminarte Twinkling H2Os. She had a cracking good idea for storage, utilizing old CDs and the spindle they come on.

I have quite a few of these pots from a number of years ago, which I haven't used much. Seeing how Sheena used them I have been motivated into hunting them out and giving them another go to make up decorative papers that hopefully I can scan in and use as backgrounds.

I knew I had some old CDs salted away that I could use to glue them to. Rifling through the second drawer I found them. While searching through the first drawer I thought they were in, I found my photo book. Yay! Thanks Sheena!

So now I shall find some time over the weekend to scan these photos in, and I'm thinking that Sandie's kit will be a nice one to use to make them into pages.

Krystal has released her new Steampunk Freebie Kit just this evening.  It has 18 papers and 105 elements - she did say it was going to be smaller this time around.

 Tempus fugit -  Created  with Serif Craft Artist using Krystal's Steampunk Kit
This is another gorgeous kit to play with if you like steampunk. It's not a genre that I have played with much, although I do have a few kits knocking about. I'm really quite pleased with how this page has turned out. I think there will be more in the offing.

I have another freebie kit of my own to post in the very near future. It is set up for Craft Artist at the moment but I need to convert it to jpg and png so it can be used in other design programmes.

So watch this space......




sandiehc said...

Thank you Karen, I love the page you did with my kit and now you have found the photos am waiting to see more. I agree Krystal's kit is fab.Hope you're feeling better

krystal said...

Thank you Karen for talking about my kit your page is wonderful, love Sandie's kit too.
Hope you gert better soon. hugs Krystalxxxxx