Thursday, 9 February 2012

Another New Freebie Kit from Sandie

Hi Everyone,

My friend Sandie has been at it again - producing yet another gorgeous freebie kit.

This one is called Blossom, and is lovely for spring-based projects and pages. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have a quick little play. I changed the colour of the frame and applied an effect, and inserted a photo from the garden of this beautiful butterfly.

As I use Craft Artist, I downloaded the pack file for that, but Sandie also has a zip file available for use in other programmes.

This beautiful kit comes with 23 embellishments,  15 Backgrounds papers, one of which is made from  a watercolour of daffodils by Sandie's own hand (I'm very envious of her ability; I wish I could produce decent watercolours ), 6 frames, some wordart and a couple of papers and layouts.

I love it, Sandie. And I'm sure others will too, so don't hesitate - go and snag it straight away.



The Fairies in Our Garden...

Hi Everyone,

At Daisy Trail a new set of challenges have come along, Beginner's and All Tutorial Challenges, run by Sunset.

I've been using DSA2 and then, more recently, Craft Artist since July 2010, but there is still a huge amount that I don't know about regarding the capabilities of the programme I use.

So these challenges are nice to participate in, the aim being to build up our knowledge as we go along.

In actual fact, the biggest challenge for me so far is to keep things quite simple, and not play about with the things I do already know about.

I'm just putting together a page for the third challenge, Add an Edge, but I was really ever so chuffed to find that my last page was chosen on Tuesday as the second choice of three in the Add a Frame challenge.

The kit I used was Fairy Garden from Daisy Trail. The background was a Quick Page tinted from the photo using the colour picker and I used Curlz MT font. Hmmm, interesting to note that the upload to DT didn't include the textured overlay (from Trulytango) which shows quite clearly here.

The photo was one of our garden taken in 2004. It doesn't look like that now, and I'm not just talking about it being winter and dormant. Hopefully this year it will look better after the work I did in it last year, plus we are planning on relocating one of our ponds, the taddy pond.

So that is something to keep us occupied, once the weather turns warmer and fairer, although it will mean even less crafting time....



Friday, 3 February 2012

Spring cleaning starting early....

Hi Everyone,

It has been a busy couple of weeks. All I seemed to have been doing is painting (DIY sort, not arty) as we were having new stair and upper hall carpet and bathroom flooring laid and I decided it would be best, and safest, to get the old flooring up early and take the opportunity to paint the skirting before the new was put down.

On top of that, my OH has made us a bespoke TV unit to house the TV and all its associated bits and bobs to fit in the corner. That needed countless coats of paint as well.

On Sunday I decided to take a break from painting and finally get around to sorting the wardrobe and drawers. After 4 hours I had 4 sacks of stuff for the charity bag collection the next morning, and 2 large bags of stuff not suitable for passing on, plus a smaller bag of all sorts of odd things that I had kept squirrelled away for heaven knows what reasons, which all needed to go to the tip.

I felt quite pleased with myself now I had enough coat hangers to put everything away instead of piling up on the bedroom shelves.

Finally I was able to have a bit of time for myself and decided I'd make up a page for Imbolc, an ancient festival celebrated between the 1st and 2nd of February. I'm slowly putting together an album of the old festivals that occur in cycle as the year turns on its course, and this was fun to do.

I picked up a lot of information from, and another site I found interesting was Spiritblogger's Blog.

It looks as if the spring-cleaning bit had come to me somewhat early.

There is still some painting left to do. Now we have new flooring in the bathroom the OH can get a new bath panel put in, which will need painting, so the rest of the bathroom will end up with a new fresh coat so it all blends in.

Keeps me out of mischief, I suppose. Trouble is, it does eat into crafting time.....

Pages created with Serif Craft Artist.   Elements are all made from images from Morguefile - Snowdrops - karpati; Greenfinger; hotblack; acrylicartist; Snowdrops and Winter Aconite - kfjmiller and images from Flickr - Snowdrops - dichoecho (CCby2.0); amandabhslater (CCbySA); Snowdrops in the wood - amandabhslater (CCbySA); Winter Aconite - MarilynJane (CCby2.0); anemoneprojectors (CCbySA); Candles - Smabs Sputzer (CCby2.0); echiner1 (CCbySA).