Friday, 20 April 2012

Fun with Photo Masks Frames - a Tutorial for Craft Artist

Hi Everyone,

I can't believe how fast the year is flying by! Almost the end of April already!

The last week has certainly flown by as I decided I'd have another go at making a video tutorial, this time on making photo mask frames using Serif's Craft Artist software.

My interest was piqued by a post in the DaisyTrail forum and I was soon having a little play around with the various methods suggested.

I've been told in the past that one of the best ways of learning about a subject is to have a go at teaching it to others, and this does help things to sink into my brain.

So once again, following my first stab at this almost a year ago now, with my Word Art Frames Tutorial for Serif Craft Artist/DSA, I have had another go at producing a video tutorial and accompanying PDF transcript, available as a direct download.

I know that I tend to watch video tutorials through once, and then go through again as many times as it takes to jot down notes. So I thought I'd do that for you, as I've already made all the notes to ensure I covered everything.

In fact, there was no way I could get everything in to a 15 minute video so this time there are two parts to this tutorial - Part One, and Part Two.

If I tell you the pdf runs to 20 pages, this probably gives you a good idea as to why I don't use Twitter..... Although a lot of space IS taken up with screen captures.

It took me very much longer than I anticipated; far longer and many more "takes" than the first one, but then I did have two recordings to make, so more scope for goofs. I have to confess that sometimes the language was rather less than lady-like as I hit the recording off button .... Smiley Faces

Because there was more, the notes were longer too. I have, however, learned about the Windows 7 Snipping Tool - what a wonderful little thing to do screen captures with!

These are some of the pages I have made while trying this out.

Hecate Tree Cat

Jasper and Me

Remembering Solstice

I do hope you enjoy the videos and the pdf tutorial and find them useful. I'd be interested in any feedback so that future ventures can be tweaked if needs be. If you have any problems or queries then please do leave a note in the comments.

When watching the video, if you find the view looks blurry (I thought my eyes had finally given up on me) go to the "Change Quality" setting, the little cog at the lower right of the screen, at the opposite end to where you maximise / minimise the screen, and push it up to 1080p HD. That sharpens things up.

Other tutorials for Craft Artist, and DSA2, can be found on the Serif You Tube Channel, and also on the Daisytrail website here



EDIT - PLEASE NOTE This tutorial was made in CraftArtist Professional 1. Unfortunately the serif transparent bitmap is no longer available in CraftArtist Professional 2.

I have now added a link to a place where a workaround can be found on the You Tube site.

If you visit the Daisytrail site forum, this Masks thread gives you a suitable workaround. 

Personally, I prefer to use the second method in the Part One tutorial (Alfred's "recipe") or the method that I talk about on the Part Two video (Janine's "recipe") - both give softer edges and more control, and no need for serif transparent bitmap. :-)