Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Happy Memories of Selene - First Anniversary

Hi Everybody,

It's hard to believe that a year has sped by so fast - going at warp speed, I think.

A year ago today we had to take our little Selene for that final vet visit. Today I'm remembering some of the good memories she left behind.

Created in Craft Artist, the photos are all from my personal library and the background is a blending of a photo of Selene's grave in the garden, with the protected catnip plant coming back into life, hence the upturned basket, and a photo of Selene's rainbow.

I've been hooked on watching a lovely Livestream site - The Kitten Cam. The noises the Mama cat are so sweet and remind me of the sounds that Selene used to make in the early days when she was still feeding Hecate. 

I'm getting terribly distracted from other things with this. But as I've been feeling broody for kitties again lately, and we can't really bring any newcomers in because it would stress Pyewacket out, this is the next best thing. 

Hecate is still bouncing around almost as much as if she was still the kitten in the photo, and all around the catnip basket the ground is flattened and I don't try to grow anything there as a lot of the cats around love to go and have a 'nip fix there.

WARNING - if you have other things you should be doing - Do NOT visit the Kitty Cam. Smiley Faces




oreosmeow said...

Lovely post to commemorate your Selene's passing to Rainbow Bridge, Karen. And I won't visit the Kitty Cam. Maybe. :)

Anonymous said...

lovely page xxx

Karen Lewis said...

Kitty Cam best only visited if you know it doesn't matter if you lose the best part of a day, or two, or three.....

Betty said...

I love this page you made for Selene. I don't know where that time went.