Monday, 21 May 2012

Mental Health Awareness Week

Hi Everyone,

This week, 21st to 27th May, is Mental Health Awareness Week here in the UK.

There is a lot going on in the world, more than enough to stress even the most laid-back amongst us. Mental health issues  are often considered something to be ashamed of, something we don't want the world to know about.

Yet recently on the Daisytrail forum there was the Heads Up  challenge run to bring the impact of mental health to the fore. It brought to light the fact that, for many people, anxiety and stress plays a very big role in their lives. Some can live with it, but for others it makes things very difficult.

This was the page I made for the challenge.

The page was made with Craft Artist and the kit used was one designed by Mazza, called "Heads Up".

If you go to the challenge page you will see other pages all crafted with  the specially designed kit and read the moving stories associated with many of those pages.

I've been through a couple of deep, dark episodes in my life, so have an inkling of how this can affect all aspect of your life. However, it can only be the merest inkling, because fortunately for me these episodes were a direct response to external stressors, events and triggers; and once those were resolved, my normal sunny temperament was able to re-emerge into the light.

For many people however, this is a long, on-going, or recurrent thing, with little obvious cause to pin down and work on. I cannot even begin to think about how difficult this must be for those who are affected in this way to try and live a "normal", whatever that is, life.

One thing that became apparent  is that there is a huge amount of love and support in the Daisytrail community, and it is lovely to be a part of that.

Another thing is that the ability to be creative does seem to help in many ways, so the digi-crafting addiction appears, in fact, to be a good thing.

For further information and help you might like to visit the Mental Health Foundation.



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Anonymous said...

Brilliant Page Karen for a great cause.

The weekend before last Hilda did a 5k walk "From Darkness into light" in Dublin starting at 4am and walking into the light of morning. 5,000 people were on that walk and 15,000 people took part in all events that night.

Thank you Karen for making this page as you know it is close to my heart.