Friday, 15 June 2012

Kitten Cam's Miranda is looking for her purrfect furever home....

Hi Everybody,

Last weekend, when I should really have been working on a few things, I found my time taken up instead by the fate of a Mama Cat and her kittens on the other side of the world.

As I mentioned in my anniversary post about Selene,  I've been watching the Kitten Cam for the last few weeks, getting my daily fix of cuteness. 

It was a wonderful de-stressing technique, with many laugh-out-loud moments, especially as Miranda Mama Cat didn't seem to like her offspring sleeping up on high on the various cat-trees. Her response was to "evict" them, dragging them off by the scruffs of their necks, which wasn't always easy as they grew bigger. A rather rude awakening at times for them - "What am I doing on the floor?"

Photos from The Kitten Cam
These kittens are very sophisti-cat-ed. John would bring his iPad with him and the kittens would play with the cat games on there - apparently they were becoming expert at hacking it.

You can see some videos over at the Kitten Cam, a reminder of just how active these little critters could be, and also how they would just flake out for hours on end.

However, last Saturday was the day of their adoption event. The time zone differences meant I had a good part of the day to watch their antics for the last time before they were all transported off to the Purrfect Pals Everett Petsmart location.

Unfortunately, John, their wonderful foster dad, injured his knee just a couple of days before they left, so was unable to be with them as planned on the day, so he was online chatting as we waited to hear what was happening with Cagney, Casey, Cassidy, Corey and Miranda.

Instead of going off and doing other things I found myself glued to the PC. There was elation when we heard that Cassidy had been adopted, and then later in the day there was a bit of high drama when poor little Cassidy was returned.

By the end of the day, rather unusually, apparently, none of the kittens, nor Miranda, had found their furever homes and families. Although three others of the Purrfect Pals adult cats did find homes - according to John, that is the equivalent of 6 kitten re-homings, so that was good.

However, the next day saw Corey adopted and on 11th June news came that Cassidy and Casey had also been adopted. On Tuesday Cagney also found a new home.

So now there is just Miranda Mama Cat left - waiting patiently as the notice says on the Kitten Cam.

Miranda - photo from Purrfect Pals-Everett PetSmart FB page

The weekend is coming and I gather that there is another adoption event with 20 plus kittens and older cats. I do so hope that Miranda finds someone to take her home and love her as much as I'm sure she will love them. She is so sweet and full of character, not much more than a kitten herself. Her details can be found here. As can those of the other cats who are still awaiting loving homes.

Although it is a bit different over here in the UK, our last two cats were adopted from the local Cats' Protection League. They were a mother and daughter, Selene and Hecate. Together, they brought great joy and laughter into our lives, and although Selene now lies buried in the garden, the memories live on, as does her daughter, and her mischievous ways!

If you live in the area local to Miranda, and are looking for some companionship in your life, why not pay a visit to the Everett PetSmart? She, and the others, are all there, patiently waiting to bring joy and love into their future homes.  

And all best wishes and Healing Vibes to John for a speedy and easy recovery to his knee. We Kitten Cam addicts are all ready and waiting for the next set of foster kittens, and we know they won't be there until he is healed enough to look after them with his usual care and dedi-cat-ion.   Thank you so much, John, for allowing us to watch your little fosters as they flourish in your care, and for the pleasure this brings as we view their antics as they grow.

Edited to add: It looks as if Miranda has a prospective Cat Slave already lined up - hooray!

"Sophisti-cat-ed iPad Kittens" page created in Craft Artist using the Digiscrapbooking Boutique's "Old Treasures Collab" kit.




Anonymous said...

Wow Karen, this is lovely! *sniff*

Regards, Ilonka

Karen Lewis said...

Thank you, llonka. She's a beauty, isn't she! And watching the kittens grow and romp was great - our two just looked at me in disgust. :-)

cassie said...

love this writing thank you so much... and from the sounds of it she was too busy playing with the 21 kittens and cleaning them all that she forgot to get a home of her own... but thats miranda for you! hopefully the PP people dont take evictions as a bad thing (visions her evicting 21 kittens)

Janet V. said...

Beautiful story of our kittens and moma :) Everyone loves them and we hope all have found a happy and safe home, Miranda too.rtustr

Betty said...

I would have loved to have been able to watch more of them but my internet was playing up.
I do hope that Miranda got her furever home.

Betty said...

Sorry Karen, I forgot to say that I love the page you made for them.