Sunday, 26 August 2012

"Fun With Filter Effects" Freebie Effects for Serif CraftArtist Professional

Hi Everyone,

As a result of making the tutorial "Fun With Filter Effects" for use in Serif's CraftArtist Professional, I have created a Freebie CraftArtist Scrapbook File with 16 effects that you can add to your Effects Tab and use in your projects.

Once you have downloaded the Scrapbook zip file (it is in a Serif .craft file format) , unzip it  and save the file in the same place you store your own scrapbook pages. 

To open the .craft file go to File > Open, and then browse to the file as usual. 

Along with the effects there are two pages that include instructions about how to add the effects to your Effects Tab.

On the video, I ask if anyone can tell what the difference is between Selene Steampunk 1 and 2 effects - just for fun. If you think you know, leave a comment on the blog. :-)

 The images and embellishments are from screen captures 
I wouldn't normally use so many different effects on one page, but this gives an idea of how they can be applied to frames. They also look good on text and fonts, and other small items. The background is also made using one of the effects, so they can look fine on larger items as well. You just have to experiment and see what looks good to you.

I hope you enjoy using these, and that perhaps you will get around to making your own.



Fun With Filter Effects - a CraftArtist Professional Tutorial

Hi Everyone,

I've finally managed to get together another tutorial for Serif's CraftArtist Professional. It's taken a while as other things have occupied my time, but "Fun With Filter Effects" is now available to view. 

Excuse my scratchy voice - this was about the 8th attempt at it today. :-)

My apologies but it is rather a long one, over 30 minutes, so have your beverage of choice to hand, be it coffee or tea, or even a G&T, and perhaps a snack or two to stave off the hunger pangs. :-)

This time the focus was on using the Filter Effects in CraftArtist. This wonderful box of tricks is amazingly great fun to play with - the little squeaks, and oohs and aahs as I play with it are quite amusing, according to my Other Half. You can certainly get totally lost in time.

There is so much you can do when you get into the flow, and I want to show that it is actually very easy to make up your own lovely effects. 

Perhaps, like me when I first started using the Serif software, you've looked at the Filter Effect box and thought it looks far too complicated and difficult to use. Scary!

Most people have probably used Bevel and Embossing and some basic 3D effects.

However, if you delve in deeper and have fun moving sliders, changing values and keep an eye on how these things change your selected item, you will find that you come up with your own, unique effects. You can keep going for as long as you like - so many different combinations - just keep experimenting!

Having come up with your lovely effects I also show you how to save them away, ready for use whenever you want them.

As with my previous tutorials, there is an accompanying PDF file (download here), with screen captures of all the salient points.

The use of Filter Effects has been mentioned on the DaisyTrail forums quite a lot recently. Some members have already created Effects to share with us, among these being trulytango - the "Effects Queen" to my mind  :-) (various on her blog), mazza1950 (Crazy Effects), and summersara72 (Gemstones Effects).

The idea for the tutorial was triggered when I made a page and wanted an effect for a frame that would tone in with the colours of our cat's coat.

Created in CraftArtist. Kit used is Rhonda's Steampunk-ish. The clusters came in the kit – I can't take any credit for someone else's work. But the frame is mine – completely from scratch!

I do hope you enjoy the video and/or the PDF tutorial, and find them useful. I'd be interested in any feedback so that future ventures can be tweaked if needs be. 

If you have any problems or queries then please do leave a note in the comments or contact me on DaisyTrail.

When watching the video, if you find the view looks blurry, go to the "Change Quality" setting, the little cog at the lower right of the screen, at the opposite end to where you maximise / minimise the screen, and push it up to 1080p HD. That sharpens things up.

Other tutorials for Craft Artist, and DSA2, can be found on the Serif You Tube Channel, and also on the Daisytrail website here



Monday, 6 August 2012

Sunshine Award - What a great surprise!

Hi Everyone,

I am delighted to find out that I am a recipient of a Sunshine Award from WendyP , and then a little later, Sandie. This is a great surprise, coming out of the blue! It is also the first time I have received an award of any kind for my blog.

Thank you very much, both Wendy and Sandie. It is much appreciated.

The Rules of the award are:-

1. You should thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them. 

2. Answer the following 10 questions about yourself.
3. Choose 10 of your favorite bloggers and link their blogs to your post. Be sure to let them know that you are nominating them for the award.
4. Be sure to copy and paste the award to your blog!


1. Favourite Colour - all shades of purple.

2. Favourite animal - Most definitely cats!

3. Favourite number - 11

4. Favourite drink - Tea, although I do also like a coffee with double cream and Irish Cream. Yum!

5. Facebook or Twitter - I finally got around to having a FB account a few months ago after much hesitation; I'm quite enjoying it but not letting it take over my life..

6. Good Book or Good Movie - Got to be books - I was reading historical fiction and non-fiction books from the Adult Section of our local library from age 10 and, although I don't read quite as much as I'd like for pleasure now, we do have something in the region of 4,500 + books in the house! Our own personal library.

7. My passions - my husband and cats, Digi-crafting, History and Personal Development, and I love the Yorkshire Dales.

8. Giving or getting gifts - Both.

9. Favourite Day - every day.

10.Favourite Flower - White roses.

Choosing 10 of my favourite bloggers is quite tricky as a number of them have already been nominated - Sandie, Sara, Minky, Kyra, Miriam's Scraps and Scrappiness Down Under amongst them.

However, these are my nominations (I have many that I keep up with via my Google Reader Page, but I have chosen from those who are active at the moment, as some haven't posted in a little while).

So, in no particular order of preference :

Lady Nickitta's 
Zanthia - Cooper's Corner 
Carol - Scraps by Oreo's Meow
Jessica - Gothic Inspirations
Jeni - Misty's Design
Mary - Marys' Mixes
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