Saturday, 29 September 2012

Fun With Filter Effects Freebie updated for use with CraftArtist 2

Hi Everyone,

Serif have recently launched their new version of CraftArtist, CraftArtist 2 (CA2). I haven't had much time since coming back from our Scotland holiday to really get stuck in yet, but it's looking a lot of fun, with some lovely new additions.

This does mean, of course, that my "Fun with Filter Effects" tutorial will need an update as the Filter Effects have been augmented with a new Graphics Styles category, which works slightly differently.

So that has been added to the "To Do" list....

Effects have become quite popular on the Daisytrail forum and so I have spent a little time working on the CA1 Filter Effects freebies that I made to accompany the tutorial, so that they can now easily and quickly be transferred into CA2.

For those who wish to, they can download them here. There are instructions included on how to move them to the relevant AppData folder, and more information can be found at Daisytrail.

Now all I have to do is transfer across all my own personal effects - that will take a little time. :-)