I hope to add Tutorials to my blog every  so often and I will post the link to the relevant blog post here for speedy access to the tutorial information.


sachleis said...

Thanks.I Found this tutorial easy to follow (unlike some that I have come across)and enjoyed experimenting in Craft Artist professional. I am looking forward to following your tutorials.

Karen Lewis said...

Thank you, that is good to know. :-) As soon as I get myself more organised and have some time I do have at least another brewing up.

Craft Artist is so easy to use, and if you visit Daisytrail there are a lot more tutorials put up there from members, as well as the Serif ones.



Anonymous said...

I love this tutorial, your voice is so easy to listen to and even when it doesn't go smoothly you just say "ummm what happened there"and proceed to calmly fix it. I have had a great time with this technique. I have made a frame out of the word GRANDKIDS, used the R,A,D's for their pictures and placed the word on the four edges of th frame. I think it looks great. Thank you so much for sharing your technique.

Karen Lewis said...

Hi Kappy2,

I'm pleased you enjoyed the tutorial and have had some fun with it. I'd love to see the results. :-)

It took about 3-4 takes to get this "in the can" so by then I was fairly chilled out with the whole process - it also goes to show that there is always a way around any bloopers that you make when using Craft Artist. It is such an easy to piece of software to use.

Kindest regards,


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Karen I am going to try this out over the weekend. Love Tracey B

Mary said...

Hi Karen

I am very new to CraftArtist but loving every minute!

Thank you so much for the new videos and PDF - brilliant idea to have the two parts, not just the videos but reading material to back it up.

I found your first two videos where you used words as frames amazing. However, the new ones seem to take things a step further. I am going to have to watch these a few times before 'I completely understand'.

Did you make your 'splodge' stencils yourself or can they be downloaded from somewhere?

I haven't posted on Daisy Trail website yet but I came here from there and so I thought I would leave a message My username is: ParchmentCraft.

Thanks again


Karen Lewis said...

Hi Mary,

Thank you so very much for your lovely comment. It is much appreciated. Craft Artist really is a great bit of software and I love it, especially as it is so easy to use.

With reference to the splats and splodge stencils - you can make your own, but check out the link on the opening page of the PDF (4th paragraph down) to the DT forum thread where there is a download link to some Quick Shapes Splats that you can use. If you have any problems, just get back to me, or post on the forum.

There are so many different things you can do with this software that even more than a year after having it I am still finding new things to play with. All I need is a time machine so I can have enough time to really get stuck in. :-)



Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd haev a quick look, just spent most of the evening watching tour tuts, they are great, off to play now:)

Gail said...

TY for sharing I hope you do more.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
Thank you so much for your wonderfull tutorials. I hope to be as good as you one day.
Perhaps you have more tutorials to buy because i get exited to work with it.

Thanks a lot
Lucienne from Holland

Karen Lewis said...

Thank you, Lucienne. Just keep playing - the more you play, the more you learn.

I do have some more ideas wondering around the old brain box, but time (or rather, lack of it) is the constraining factor. More will come; best to just not hold your breath, though. :)